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Mini 3D Cake Mold

Mini 3D Cake Mold

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Make cute desserts like a Pro!

Super easy to shape desserts with perfectly clean sides. Smoothly push desserts out with a long-handled lid. Make restaurant-style savoury dishes as well! From mousse, cheesecakes to rosti, terrines, mashed potatoes etc.

Up your cooking game with our Mini 3D Cake Mold now!


  • DIY desserts like a PRO!
    Craft desserts into perfect shapes with professional-looking clean sides. 

  • Non-stick mold
    Pushing desserts out effortlessly. 

  • Widely applicable
    Can also be used to make all kinds of dishes, such as rosti, terrines, mashed potatoes, neatly stacked vegetables and rice, as well as mousse, cheesecakes, tiramisu and layered desserts.

  • Safe to use
    Made of food-grade 430 stainless steel. 

  • Easy to clean
    Not easy to deform and rust-free. 


  • Material: Food grade 430 stainless steel
  • Shape: Circle, Square, Flower, Heart


  • Set A: 1 x Circle + 1 x Square;
  • Set B: 1 x Flower + 1 x Heart;
  • Full Set:  << BEST VALUE!!
    1 of each x Circle, square, flower, heart
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