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Black Skull Playing Cards

Black Skull Playing Cards

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Once you go black, you never go back!

Say goodbye to cheap paper cards that easily get dirty & wrinkled!! This Black Skull Playing Card is a game changer!

Tell them you got Class without telling them you got Class...

♣ Sleek & Elegant Black-on-Black Skull embossed on the back

♣ Glossy finish on the numbers & suits in the front

Someone Clumsy spilled drinks on it?💦
Want to play by the pool/beach?? 🏖

♣ 100% waterproof & washable

♣ Just rinse it off & it's good as new

Shuffling has never been so easy & satisfying...


  • Coolest black design
    Unique all-black mysterious & classy embossed patterns that no other cards can match. A must-have addition to your card collection.
  • 100% Waterproof
    Made of washable waterproof material, simply rinse any dirt/liquid off directly with water. Play cards anywhere!
  • Easy to Shuffle
    Shuffling & dealing are so smooth & easy. A completely different experience in your hand.
  • Flexible & Durable
    No creases or wrinkles even if you bend it. 10X more durable than typical paper cards. Perfect for all games & magic tricks.

    • Optimized Experience
      Frosted surface for a better grip without slipping. Reflective coating on numbers & suits for clear reading while prevents others from peeking. Upgraded PET material that can last years of regular use & stay fresh as new.

    • Perfect Gift
      For players & card collectors of any kind/age. No more ordinary card games from now on!


    • Card size: 3.4'' x 2.2''
    • Material: Durable PET material


    • 1 x Black Skull Playing Cards (including 2 joker cards)

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