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Retractable Side Mirror Wiper

Retractable Side Mirror Wiper

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Wipe clean side mirrors without leaving your seat!

The wiper is designed with a layered brush head that quickly removes all droplets of liquid thoroughly without causing damage. Keeping your side mirror clear and free from obstruction unlike your usual towel that only leaves lint and marks behind after wipe. This rear-view wiper is retractable so you can easily scrape and reach both mirrors even while sitting at the comfort of your car’s seat! Ideal for those with small or bigger cars such as sedan, SUV, trucks, UV, pick up car, van and so on!  

This innovative tool features a non-slip handle that is fully covered with a soft sponge. It allows you to have a powerful grip without feeling any discomfort or strains from your hand. Additionally, the side mirror wiper can be stored anywhere inside your vehicle without taking up space! Perfect so you could always have a wiper at hand after a sudden burst of rain. The retractable mirror wiper is extremely durable, it can’t be bent or break easily even after constant use!

Wipe every drop of water through your side mirror efficiently with this universal retractable rear-view mirror wiper!


  • Car Side-Mirror Wiper
    This rear-view wiper features a layered rubber brush head that successfully wipes all water and moisture away in a breeze! It helps to keep your mirror clean and free from obstruction without leaving any scratch or damage behind. Making it an essential tool especially for drivers so they can hit the road quickly with an improved rear-view visibility!
  • Long-Reaching Design
    The side-mirror wiper has a convenient retractable design that can be adjusted up to an impressive 980mm! Allowing you to effortlessly scrape the water off both side mirrors at the comfort of your car seat. Perfect whether you're driving cars, sedan, SUV, trucks, UV, pick up car, van and so on!

  • Ergonomic Handle
    It comes with a non-slip handle that is wrapped with a soft and comfortable spongeProviding you a firm gripping and easy manoeuvrability without straining your hands. The car wiper is extremely durable so you can hold or use it with force and it will still remain intact. 
  • Easy to Clean and Store
    The retractable wiper is lightweight and it can be stored easily inside your vehicle without taking up too much space. You can keep it in the glove compartment, center console, car door pockets, and more! Perfect so you can always keep access to it after a sudden burst of rain. Furthermore, you can keep this tool squeaky clean just by simply wiping it with a paper towel every after use! 


  • Material: Rubber, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black, Pink
  • Product Size: 21.2 cm x 6.5cm
  • Max. Length: 98cm
  • Weight: 130g


  • 1x Retractable Side Mirror Wiper
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