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Reusable Traceless Adhesive Tape

Reusable Traceless Adhesive Tape

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Stick on instantly without nails or drilling!

Invisible tape that is coated in a powerful adhesive on both sides. It can hold heavy items and be even reused 100 times and over just by washing without loosening its adhering properties. Completely traceless so you can remove or reposition it anytime with not a single damage left behind. Suitable for mounting, bonding, securing, fixing, organizing or decorating picture frames, paintings, posters, hooks, extensions, carpet, car accessories, crafts and more possibilities. 

The multifunctional dual-adhesive is designed to work on a variety of surfaces, including woods, tiled, marbled, glass, metal, and plastic. Simply remove the protective cover, stick to any clean surface, fix your items and you're done. Each nano traceless tape is trimmable so you can also cut it to smaller sizes to meet all of your different needs. It is constructed of high-quality nano tape and is also extremely non-toxic to ensure your safety. 


  •  Reusable Double-Sided Tape
    A great translucent nano tape coated with a powerful adhesiveness on both sides for versatility. It can be fully reused again and again for years to come without loosening its viscosity. Suitable for creating a seamless bonding between two objects, mounting items, fixing, sticking decorations and more possibilities. This double-sided is completely waterproof so you could simply rinse it with water and blow dry it anytime you want to restick it.    

  • Easy Stick and Fix
    Secure any item together without the need to drill and hammer nails to your walls or use any messy glues that only leave residues. Just peel-off the protective film on each side, stick it on any clean surface whether vertical or horizontal, fix your item and you're good to go. This set of clear tapes can be also cut shorter by scissors or cutter depending on the size of your different needs.

  • Non-Trace Removal
    This 60 piece of outstanding tape can be swiftly removed or repositioned to any surface with ease. Each adhesive offers an excellent stickiness without leaving even a single trace behind. Saving your walls and surfaces from unpleasant drill holes, marks, scratches, sticky residues, and other damages.    

  • Wide Application
    The traceless double-sided can hold up to an impressive 2 kg without slipping or falling off. You can use it for a variety of household or arts and crafts uses, including mounting picture frames, paintings, posters, hooks, hangers, extensions, chargers, carpet fixing, sticking car accessories, decorating and so on. This tape can be applied to wooden surfaces, tiles, marble, glass, metal and plastic surface.  

  • Premium Material
    Made of a high-quality nano adhesive that you can conveniently reuse up to 100 times. It is non-toxic and does not emit any strong odors to ensure the user’s safety and health. Moreover, each tape can withstand extreme temperatures without weakening its grip. 


  • Material: Nano tape
  • Box size: 6.5 x 6.5cm
  • tape size: 5.5 x 2cm


  • 60pcs x Reusable Traceless Adhesive Tape
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